About us

Formation of the company may be placed at the beginning of 1992, when negotiations take place at the National Property Fund in Prague and is among the first privatized firms in Broumov. The operation of the company in its infancy follows the center overhauls textile factory VEBA Broumov. It is maintained for the most part the mechanical engineering and spare parts for various companies throughout the state. He continues production, specifically supporting program of the company, it is the manufacture and installation of steel structures for jacquard looms in the weaving mills all over the country.

Structures are exported and assembled in the Slovak Republic, Poland, the Federal Republic of Germany. It may be noted that the company’s monopoly producer support structures for jacquard. Exports of textiles and test equipment in the last five years, significantly expanded due to the high quality of exported parts and the experience gained with their production.

Chain and gears manufactured by us are familiar with customers almost all over the country. We manufacture spur gears, straight, oblique, worm and bevel. Wheels are manufactured according to drawings, samples, and as required by the wheels misrepresent and produce.

Also, plastics are pressed to actually manufactured presses, whose advantage is the ability to press a small piece, at little cost to the form.

The company moved into its own building in the complex textile factories as VEBA Broumov. After a complete renovation of properties to employees to improve working and hygiene conditions.

The priority of our company is to develop the skills of all employees, improving product quality and satisfied customer.