Production of gears with transport both within the Czech Republic and abroad

Výroba ozubených kol je jednou z našich hlavních zaměření.

Manufacturing of gear wheels is one of our core services. We produce metric gears, straight or helical spur gears from module 0.8 to module 10. Gears can be produced in both single-part and serial production regime. Machining of gearing is performed using CNC production technology. In special cases, it is possible to test the gears on test samples including measurement protocol.

Delivery dates for gears are specified upon request (they vary according to complexity and quantity). We can arrange for transport anywhere within and outside the Czech Republic.

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We manufacture the following gear types

Čelní kola s přímými zuby
Spur gear
Řetězová ozubená kola
Kuželová ozubená kola
Bevel gears
Šneková ozubená kola
Worms and worm wheels

‌‌Why choose the gear wheels from us?

  • Ozubená kola z naší výroby v Broumově.We ensure serial production on CNC machines using the most productive tools
  • We ensure single-part production on conventional machines
  • We provide material quality certificate upon request
  • We can provide measurement protocols
  • We provide protocols for heat treatment
  • We can arrange for surface treatment
  • We will prepare a n indicative quotation
  • We transport our products anywhere within and outside the Czech Republic
  • We offer free production cooperation capacities for engineering companies
    Interesting price / quality ratio

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‌‌Production of high-quality gear wheels

Gearing production has a long tradition in our company thanks to the quality known by our satisfied customers both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Among other things, we manufacture sprockets (which we can supply including chains), bevel gears with straight teeth or worm wheels. We can produce your gear wheel up to a maximum diameter of 800 mm. Ask for a quote! We manufacture our gears and chain sprockets on the groundwork of supplied drawings or – in special cases – we can prepare the drawings for example according to a supplied sample. We also produce industrial gearboxes, using spur gears.
We are able to deliver gears from single-part production (1 - 10 pcs) within approx. 6 weeks, from small-series production (20 - 500 pcs) in about 4 - 6 weeks, and from serial production (1000+ pcs) according to mutual agreement. 

What is the price range of our gear wheels? Contact us for a quote! We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services.

Gears from our production