Bevel gears with straight teeth

We produce quality bevel gears - both as single-part or serial production. We offer test samples before the commencement with actual production. We can supply our bevel gears together with a measurement protocol including gearing tests with dye, material quality certificate, heat treatment protocol. We do not, however, produce bevel gearboxes. We own for example a German machine - WMW MODUL ZFTK 500/3 and Klingelnberg tester.

Parameters for bevel gears production

  • Serial production of 50 pcs +: diam. 25 - 240 mm
  • Single-part production of 1 - 50 pcs: diam. 25 - 450 mm
  • Module range during machining: 0,8 - 6
  • Gear engagement angle 20 ° to 30 °
  • We process all structural materials
  • Accuracy class 9 according to ČSN standard
  • Surface roughness is from 1.6 Ra depending on the technology

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We offer 2 bevel gear production options: 

  • KONVOID - productive milling (suitable for serial production) 
  • Slotting - slotting with modular knives (suitable for single-part production)

Bevel gears and their production

Bevel gears are produced only on the groundwork of supplied drawings. We trust our products thanks to our long-term gear manufacturing tradition. In order to guarantee 100% functionality and quality, we prefer to produce the entire gear set. This way we guarantee that the gear wheels are tested on our tester which marks the contact surfaces of the gears with a special dye. We also offer preparation of a non-binding quotation that can be used as the groundwork for possible later cooperation. Our customers in this field include, for example, RTOX s.r.o. company.

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Why bevel gears from us?

  • Both serial and single-part production
  • Material quality certificate upon request
  • Possibility of test samples production
  • Possibility of surface treatment as part of the production
  • Free non-binding quotation preparation
  • Delivery anywhere in the Czech Republic as well as outside the Czech Republic

We provide quantity discounts if you order a higher number of gear wheels In other words, the more production you entrust to us, the less each piece will cost you. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in working with us. Use our contact form, we will be happy to help you.