Sprockets with material quality certificate upon request

We manufacture the sprockets from both metals and plastics, with an interesting price/quality/lead time ratios. We can also manufacture a wheel for your chain drive with the maximum addendum circle diameter of  25 - 500mm. We pay attention to important factors during production, such as mutual compatibility and high quality of chain and sprocket according to DIN / ČSN standards. Finished products are usually delivered within 3 - 6 weeks (depending on the complexity of the assignment). We can supply the manufactured sprockets  by our own transport within the Královéhradecký Region (within 60 km from Broumov).

Genera’s tradition is based on the processing quality of the sprockets that is essential to us. Many satisfied customers speak for us. In case of sprockets, it is possible to mention MP DIMS company as an example.

Sprockets production

We produce sprocket wheels using self-generating method. The gearing is designed for roller chains of the standard series according to DIN 8187 / ČSN 02 3311 (EU - European Series B).

We offer a range of sprockets depending on chain type 05B - 16B (up to 20B if requested by the customer).

We can offer sprockets for single-row, double-row, and three-row chains.

‌Sprockets parameters

  • Serial production 50 pcs +: maximum addendum circle diameter of 25 - 240mm
  • Single-part production 1 - 50 pcs: maximum addendum circle diameter of 25 - 500mm
  • Larger pitches are available upon request
  • The quality of the gearing complies mainly with the accuracy class 9 according to ČSN
  • Surface roughness is from 3.2 Ra

Renold Chains

In cooperation with our partner, we can offer RENOLD chains together with our sprockets. 

You can choose from several different options (depending on the area of application), for example: 

  • RENOLD SD - economic chain range
  • RENOLD Synergy - premium chain range (Strong. Powerful. Even Better Performance)

Why have your sprockets manufactured by us?

  • Both serial and single-part production
  • Advantageous  price / quality / lead time ratio
  • Material quality certificate upon request
  • Production according to drawings or sample
  • Production of test samples upon request
  • Possibility of surface treatment/heat treatment
  • Free non-binding quotation preparation
  • Delivery anywhere in the Czech Republic as well as outside the Czech Republic
  • Quantity discounts
  • Individual approach to each customer

Indicative price quotation

High-precision sprockets production

The sprockets we manufacture according to the customer's requirements are made of high quality materials from our proven suppliers. If you are interested, we can produce sprockets based on the drawing documentation supplied by the customer from different kinds of materials, e.g., plastic, various types of metal, etc., and with a variety of surface treatments or heat treatment. We can offer single-part production, as well as both large-scale and small-scale serial production. Just contact us for a quotation. The price depends on the number of required / ordered pieces. In case of sprockets, we are able to manufacture several test samples before commencement with serial production in special cases.

Do you need chain sprockets?

Send us your request using the contact form at the bottom of the page, we will be happy to propose the right solution for you. We will certainly find a common path!